Claude & Connie Hopper – Biography – After All These Years – Audiobook


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When you strip away the grand stage, bright lights, super Megatron screens, and all the so-called glamour, the Hoppers are just real people — a wonderful and complex Christian family — who are concerned with living out their faith with poise and principles.

Maybe you have seen the Hoppers live in concert or enjoy them on the popular Gaither Homecoming videos; but when you listen to this biography, you’ll discover that America’s Favorite Family of Gospel Music had meager beginnings, initially as a group of good-humored farm boys — all brothers — singing around tobacco barns, after they completed their chores.

Even today, after all these years on the road, the Hoppers carry on with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for this Southern legacy.

North Carolina remains home, and Claude and Connie still reside on the same acreage that has been in the Hopper family since the post-Civil War era. No longer a group of Hopper brothers, the current lineup includes Claude, his wife Connie, sons Mike and Dean, and Dean’s wife, Kim Greene Hopper.


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